★Checkup Report (translation of 12 DEC diary)

I went to see my hematologist for my once in every 4 months checkup the other day.  I took some blood tests and the results which I still fear to hear even now...were GOOD!! Whew!!
Now, it's been 8 years since my first complete remission.
I was advised to get a bone marrow transplant, but I did not because I couldn't find any related/unrelated donors at that time.  Although my leukemia (AML M2) was not one which had a high risk of relapse, I prepared myself to get an autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation instead.  However, after a long discussion, I decided not to, since my chemotherapy went really well until then.
So!  Even now, I still keep my blood stem cells frozen, which I have pay for the fees each year.  It sure is expensive, but you can't buy your life with money, can you?




☆Mechio's Comment☆

Yukimogu (snow-munch)
THANX TO YOU for leaving a comment in English!!
And I really have to thank you for being my friend that I was able to make it to today because of your support!!
I know, paying for the blood cells is a very serious issue, but I believe that it's my life insurance, and I'm happy that you feel the same way about it too.
See you♪

Hi Mechi

Thanks a lot for writing your diary in English♪
And congratulation on your fine results of the blood test!

By the way, I'm guessing that keeping your hematopoietic cell frozen is very serious issue to you.
However I think that becomes the insurance of your life if you keep it. And can reassure.
On the other hand, you may search the number of current matching members in JMDP.

See you!